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Is your AED displaying an error? Have you deployed your AED? Telephone us now!

If you have a Service Contract with us:

  • Free replacement electrodes, rescue kit and if necessary battery
  • Retrieval of the incident data from the AED, if requested by the medical team.

All we ask for in return is a brief incident statement, that we can use for our own AED research, this information will never be shared with any third parties..

If you do not have a Medisol Service Contract:

  • If your AED was not purchased from Medisol/AEDexpert, you can order any necessary replacement parts online at

Contact us:

For the UK:

For Ireland:

It is important that every AED is made ready for use as quickly as possible after deployment.  This applies also to devices that are not covered by our service contracts.  You can contact us at any point for more information about our service plans, to ensure that your AED is always covered and rescue-ready.

For the UK:

For the Ireland:

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